• INTRODUCING THE STORZ & BICKEL VENTY HERB VAPORIZER The newly released Venty vaporizer by acclaimed German manufacturer Storz & Bickel sets a new bar for portable vapes with its industry-leading airflow […]

  • The Beed DIY Capsules provide the freedom to fill your own pods and customize your joint rolling experience. Each pack contains 75 single-use aluminum capsules.     The DIY Capsules give you total c […]

  • The Beed Machine is revolutionizing the way people roll and enjoy joints. As the world’s first fully automated joint rolling appliance, the Beed Machine produces perfectly packed 0.5g joints at the push of a […]

  • The New Puffco Peak Pro is a premium smart e-rig designed for concentrates, dabs, and hash. This 2023 upgraded version of the iconic Puffco Peak Pro delivers unmatched flavor and performance with its innovative […]

  • Phoenician Grinders’ Grinder Upgrade Kit includes a variety of difference size screens for your grinder’s kief collector, as well as bumper rings for added grip and protection.   Phoenician Grinders come […]

  • It ain’t about the size – it’s how you grind with it! Phoenician Grinders Small 2-Piece Grinder packs the same flawless functionality into the ultimate pocket sized grinder.   It’s notched grooves provide […]

  • Equip yourself with one of the best premium grinders on the market and upgrade your smoke sesh with the Phoenician Grinders Medium 2-Piece Grinder. Made from top-notch aerospace-grade aluminum and coated with an […]

  • Get ready to experience the ultimate grind with the Phoenician Grinders Large 2-Piece Grinder – crafted to take your daily cannabis ritual to the next level. Phoenician’s precision engineered grinder features […]

  • It’s not always necessary to use an enormous grinder, especially when you’re rolling small joints. In fact, the Phoenician Grinders Small 4-Piece Grinder actually functions a lot better than many larger models, […]

  • The Phoenician Grinders Medium 4-Piece Grinder offers the same outstanding quality that Phoenician Engineering get their reputation for, just in a more modest size. If you’re a casual smoker that is concerned […]

  • The Phoenician Grinders Large 4-Piece Grinder is without a doubt one of the best herb grinders on the market today. If you smoke a lot, you’ll need a grinder that can handle a large throughput, day in day out, […]

  • If you’ve got $100 to spend on a premium grinder, you’re probably right in choosing the Phoenician Grinders Large 4-Piece Grinder /w Paper Holder & Ashtray. This super hard-wearing herb grinder boasts build […]

  • BRNT Designs introduces Hexagon, an exceptional bong crafted with an angular design inspired by Daniel Libeskind’s iconic architecture. Standing at 9.5 inches tall, this ergonomically designed piece comes with a 1 […]

  • With it’s intriguing hexagonal design, the BRNT Designs Prism Hand Pipe is made to be put on display. As light hits the Prism, it is deflected in various angles, putting on quite a light show! It’s ergonomic base […]

  • The famous ‘Relativity’ lithograph print by Dutch artist M. C. Escher, serves as the inspiration for the BRIQ ashtray’s spiral interior design. Concrete is often thought of as an inflexible and unmoving structure, […]

  • Designed to be elegant and discreet, the BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar will blend seamlessly into any modern living space. Unlike your ordinary stash jars, the Malua is made from sealed concrete, giving it’s […]

  • RYOT’s popular 510-threaded cartridge battery just got a sexy makeover. This new collaboration with Playboy brings 5 new female orientated designs to their bestselling vape. The Playboy VERB 510 Oil Vape works […]

  • Designed to be as discreet as possible, the RYOT Verb 510 Oil Vape is a 510-cartridge battery, cleverly disguised as a Zippo-style cigarette lighter. It uses a magnetic universal adaptor that is compatible with […]

  • Emblazened with honeycomb patterning and sweet amber accenting, the Ispire Daab Honey is the ultimate electric dab rig for the honey lover.   Key Features   Ispire Daab Honey Video  

  • Upgraded with a larger glass chamber and gorgeous chromatic colorway, the Ispire Daab Northern Lights will take your dab session above and beyond.   Key Features   Ispire Daab Northern Lights Video D […]

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